Thursday, September 8, 2011

How Does Danny Hart Sit Down With Balls That Big?

In the world of cycling, I'm more interested in long-distance racing, where winners are determined by physiological capacity and willingness to suffer the sharp ache of lactic acid, than I am in downhill mountain biking. Downhill is a sport of handling and adrenaline, where the winner is the person most willing to push it to the edge of conditions and ability. It's not that it isn't interesting, but the negotiation between daring and stupid doesn't usually captivate me as much as that between body and mind, of how willing a rider is to suffer.

That being said, this run by Danny Hart at the 2011 UCI Downhill Mountainbike Championships is bonkers. He destroys the field, carving his way down a sodden mountainside while hotdogging the jumps. It certainly doesn't hurt that the announcers, his countrymen, spend his run mashing the Gus Johnson button.

I'm not going to go menace hikers at unsafe speeds in the forest, but that sure does make me want to.

Hat tip to fuck yeah cycling!

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