Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The Atlantic's In Focus blog has two posts up of photos from the Tour de France that I can only describe as lush. Whatever your opinion of the competition, there are few sporting events that can hold a candle to the scenery of the TdF. Do you like bike racing? Do you like beautiful pictures? You won't regret clicking through.

Part I:

Part II:


  1. What other countries' tourist boards wouldn't give to have such wonderful free advertising for three weeks. That said, is it a sign of too much Tour on the brain that I think those marvellous landscape shots are improved by the presence of a dirty great peloton in them?

  2. I read an article somewhere about what a nuisance the Tour must be for all the municipalities it passes through, who have to deal with stopped traffic and put the banners up and the like, and I couldn't remember an article that did a more thorough job of missing the point.

    It may be a sign of too much Tour on the brain (I decided this year that genuinely watching the Tour constituted picking up a side job for July, though I was glad to do it) but I wholly agree. I'm certainly biased to love any peloton anywhere, but I think the jarring addition of 200-odd sweaty men in lycra reframes the pretty scenery of the French countryside that is otherwise so overexposed. All of the chateaus are interchangeable, fields of sunflowers could be in any given musty painting, but snake a paceline by and now we're talking! It somehow lets you appreciate them from a different angle without changing them at all.


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