Monday, August 30, 2010

Quick Hits

We're cranking the flywheel back up to speed here at No Fours headquarters. A full-length post will be dropping here in the next couple days and Oil Can Samson has an article in the upcoming Norman Einstein's, but until then, here are some things elsewhere on the web worth your notice:

  • The Naismith Hall of Fame inductions gave everyone a great excuse to remember just how awesome Scotty Pippen was. I assume you read some/all of the great essays/posts, but if you didn't see it, take the time to pop over to YouTube and watch Scotty Pippen: Ultimate Defender. I can't watch this video without getting giddy.
  • At the end of the Tour de France, honors are awarded for the overall winner, best climber, best sprinter, best young rider and best team. But there is also an unofficial award that is perhaps more romantic than any of those, the lanterne rouge, awarded to the slowest finisher who was not eliminated. Last year's lanterne rouge "winner", Yauheni Hutarovich, just beat the world's best sprint teams in a solo sprint to win Stage 2 of the Vuelta a Espana. This is not a major thing, but it is a wonderful thing.
  • Cincinnati Reds prospect Aroldis Chapman was clocked semi-reliably in a game at 105 mph! Damn.
  • Finally, if you didn't see the BBC report on Luol Deng returning to Sudan after two decades away, go ahead a budget twenty minutes to rectify that.

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